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Aligning Responsibilities Within the New Strategic Plan

I took a huge leap of faith when I attempted to mesh the optimized work flow process with the existing organizational structure. I’ve been sharing the personal journey I took when I began implementing new and efficient work flow processes as part of an overall plan to increase productivity while reducing costs. As I’m sure you can […]

Developing an Optimal Work Flow Process

You have probably heard the old adage that it is easier to change the direction of an entity that is moving than one that is not and in a way that is what happened to me and my team in 2005. In the beginning I didn’t have a real vision for how to develop an optimal […]

Reduce Costs While Improving Production

My journey of creating extraordinary results began unintentionally.  When I entered this leadership role my organization was accustomed to approximately 30 years of traditional, top down leadership.  This style of leadership can quickly cripple any organization in the face of global competition as it had my organization.  My team members were very good at doing what […]